State Researchers Release Biological Status Review of Florida Manatee
Recommendation: take the manatee off the state’s endangered list
(Released October 9, 2002)

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St. Petersburg - After a careful review of the manatee’s status in relation to the State of Florida’s listing criteria, biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI) have drafted a preliminary report recommending that the Florida manatee be down-listed from endangered to threatened.
The preliminary biological status review has been sent to a panel for external scientific review. Because this is a preliminary report, that has not yet undergone peer review, the recommendation is only that, and is subject to change. Based on peer evaluations, staff will produce the final biological status report and present their recommendation to the Commission during their January meeting. If the Florida manatee is down-listed, protection will still be in place. Before any change to the status of the manatee could be implemented a management plan will have to be developed for the species.
Included in this release is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the biological status review, information on the listing process and criteria.
Additional Information:
Listing Process & Criteria: Code 68A-27
Manatee Biological Status Review FAQ's

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