Lee County Chapter News
Since our last newsletter we have been very busy trying to get the word out about Standing Watch and what we, as an organization, are trying to accomplish. The following items will give you an idea of how your local chapter has been getting that word out.

1. The Cape Coral Government has passed Resolution # 70-01, opposing State and Federal regulations of waterways that are not based on scientific data and do not adequately protect the rights of waterfront property owners, marine industries, recreation boaters and other lawful users of the navigable waterways.

2. Informing local Power Squadrons, fishing clubs, yacht clubs, and anyone else who will listen to what Standing Watch has to say.

3. Participating in local boat shows or trade shows.

4. Notifying our members about how they should contact their legislators supporting Rep. Lindsey Harringtonšs Bill.

5. Contacting our members about how important it is to renew their memberships and, if possible, donate to the Legal Defense Fund. The fight in Brevard County has been heard by the Judge and Lee County is just around the corner. Please inform your neighbors, friends, etc. about what will happen if the state and federal government prevail with what the Save the Manatee Club is directing them to do.

In numbers there is strength and we need as much strength as we can get.

Remember ­ elections are just around the corner and we will be heard.

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