Discuss manatee protections Boating Coalition President Blasts Proposed Manatee Protection Rules Editorial- Give boaters say before setting rules Jennifer Sergent- Feds, environmentalists in rocky relationship over manatee issues Ruling allows marine groups to intervene in manatee lawsuit

Lt Governor Brogan addresses Standing Watch

Standing Watch Endorses Jeb!

Lee County Fishing Tournament a Success

Standing Watch wishes you a Happy Holiday

Truth about The Nature Conservancy

Update On The FWC Down Listing Of Manatee

We often Receive Letters From Members, This is one Such Letter (9-18-02)


Lee County Hosts The 1st Annual Fall Fishing Tournament (9-10-02)

A Good Place To Find Out Information On The Manatee Issues (9-10-02)

Check The FFWCC Site Often And Stay Up To Date On Changes!

"President's response to Judge Sullivan's Ruling" (8-1-02)

A members Letter (8-1-02)

Bush Admin. Wants Manatee Plan Nixed (7-26-02)

SW Response To USFW Comment On Incidental Take (7-26-02)

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is developing an agency strategic plan that will set direction for the agency over the next three years. We want your thoughts and ideas in setting this direction by asking you to complete a brief survey questionnaire. (7-26-02)

Read Standing Watch's response To The Sun-Herald (7-26-02)

Apply Science To The Manatee Issue in The State of Florida Petitioned to Governor Jeb Bush beginning July 2002

FWC Sponsors "Kids' Fishing Clinics". (7-18-02)

A Letter To Lee County (7-11-02)

Save Our Sandbars (SOS) Joins Standing Watch (7-11-02)

Federal Register Notice - Draft EIS evaluation of MMPA Incidental Take (7-10-02)

Click on Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on the menu for a full list of FWC commissioners with addresses. Written Comments for Biological Status of the Manatee (6-22-02)

Direct Funding, Inc. Announces Standing Watch Program (6-14-02)

Jim Kalvin Replies to Pat Rose and SMC (6-7-02)

Standing Watch Request Hearing (6-6-02)

Tallahassee Happenings From Your Lobbyist(6-5-02)

What SMC Plans If Everything Does Not Go Their Way How To Get Water Life By: Michael Heller (5-1-02)

Lee County: new dock permits in limbo (4-6-02)

Complete List Of Affected Counties In Florida Would You Like To Start A Chapter? (3-27-02)

A complete List of The Florida House

A Complete List of The Florida Senate

List of House and Senate Email Addresses (3-27-02)

Future Issues Regulatory Changes As Proposed By Save The Manatee Club 10/02/01


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