On Jan 23 at the Old Courthouse in Ft. Myers the FFWCC will be meeting on the downlisting of the manatee. It is vital that all of us be present at this meeting, to urge our FFWCC to take a strong stand against what the federal government is doing to the economy of this state. We should be urging FFWCC to sue the federal government over its use of the Marine Mammal Protection Act to shut down our state! At this point, the "listing" of the manatee is a federal issue so Florida’s downlisting is secondary to the intrusion of the federal government into our state’s waters.
For the last two years you have given your money to Standing Watch to fight for your rights. That is no longer enough. Standing Watch needs your money now more than ever but now we also need for all of you to show up and be heard.
Please take the time to download and understand what is being done. The federal action outlined in this map is being implemented as I write in the form of emergency regulations which are intended to be permanent. Do not continue to make the mistake of thinking that the feds can’t do this to us. It’s that kind of thinking that has gotten us to this point in time.
The times of the meeting will be forthcoming.....see you there........Dusty

To view and d/l pdf file that is much bigger please click here.

STANDING WATCH urges its members, who can attend, to plan to attend the January 23 session of the FFWCC meeting. We urge you to sign in at the front desk of the meeting and plan to meet with Standing Watch Board Members to discuss the strategy of how your comments will be made to the Commission.
Thank you for your continued support of boaters, boaters’ rights and Standing Watch!

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