Important Manatee Dates

1893 - Protection established under Florida law (CH.4208.94)
1907 Florida law (Ch 370.12) imposed fines for killing or molesting manatees $500
1953 - Amended 1907 statutes to allow capture of manatees for research/education purposes
1966 - Endangered Species Preservation Act (P.L. 89-669; 80 Stat.926) listed manatees as an endangered species
1967 - First federal efforts towards manatee protection
1969 - Endangered Species Conservation Act (P.L. 92-153; 83 Stat. 275) regulated importation of listed species. Act supersedes the 1966 Act
1972 - Marine Mammal Protection Act - manatee designated as a marine mammal, Act prohibits taking any marine mammal. Fine for violating act - up to $20,000 and/or one year in jail
1973 -  Endangered Species Act - superseded the 1969 act and increased federal protection of manatees; Act made it a violation to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, capture, or collect endangered species. Authorized cooperative agreements between states and the federal government with funding management, research and law enforcement
1976 -  Cooperative endangered species agreement between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State of Florida
1976 -  Fish and Wildlife Service designate critical habitat for Florida manatee
1977 -  Cooperative endangered species agreement between the State of Georgia and the State of Florida
1978 -  Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act - (Chapter 370.12(2) - declares entire state as a refuge and sanctuary for manatee, regulated boat speeds in 13 manatee aggregation areas
1983 - Florida Department of Natural Resources Manatee Program began
1989 - Fish and Wildlife Service manatee recovery plan
1989 - Florida governor and cabinet identify 13 counties for manatee protection plan development
1990 - Manatee license plate authorized - Fl Statues Ch. 320.08058
1992 - Manatee decal voluntary contribution campaign began - vessel registrants donate to help manatees. A decal is distributed for each $5 donation. Campaign is held in June each year at the Florida County Tax Collection offices
1994 - Manatee license plate re-authorized
1996 - Fish and Wildlife Service published last manatee recovery plan
1998 - Department of Environmental Protection in lawsuit settlement agreement with Save the Manatee Club agreed to consult with all future variance requests as well as consider the need to amend rule (2N-22.003, FAC) that allows for permits to be issued from manatee protection rules
1999 - Bureau of Protected Species Management moved from Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection to newly formed Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
1999 - National Marine Manufactures Association requests down listing of manatee from "endangered" to "protected"
2000 - Save the Manatee Club and 17 other environmental groups file lawsuits against Florida Fish and Wildlife and US Corps of Engineers
2000 - Governor establishes moratorium on construction of docks in Florida
2000 - US Fish and Wildlife Service proposes manatee sanctuaries and refuges in Florida 

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